P36 Digital Signage – Brighten Your Future

 Digital signages use technologies such as LCDLED and Projection to display content such as digital imagesvideostreaming media, and information. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc, to provide wayfinding, exhibitionsmarketing and outdoor advertising. Following are some of the features of P36 Digital Signages…

• Ultra Thin Body, Elegant and Decent
• Exquisite Craftsmanship, Perfect Quality
• Hd Large – Screen Display, Visual Enjoyment
• Simple Base, Delicate and Steady

P36 Digital Signage – Functions


  1. Convenient Transportation and easy installation – Customized configuration and installation solution. Scientific package, convenient for transportation and installation.
  2. Simple Intelligent Display – supports multimedia play via internet, local storage can be set to cycle play, inter-cutting play and timing play. Automatic recovery exception and centralized management.
  3. 178o Wide Angle for Wonder at Each Angle – 178o Ultra-wide angle can bring the best color and brightness at each angle.
  4. Automatic Recovery, and Easy Management – Adopt singlechip microcomputer inner alarm system, auto recovery when abnormal. Concentrate setting up and manage digital signage via management system.
  5. Ultra-Thin Body, Elegant and Distinguished – Fashion ultra-thin body design and metal aluminum alloy frame for perfect quality and high bright simple base for simplicity and stability.
  6. Android System – Owning centralized, authorized, security and monitoring management. System date access, and service integration.
  7. Multi-area Display, support mainstream media formats – support mainstream audio, image format, and high definition video, media contents can be shown in split screen.
  8. National After-Sale, Multi-Area Considerate Service.

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