ZBOT.CC – 3D Printer

ZBOT 3D Printer’s real printing effect – You can bring your 3D file and design concept into real life just in your office, do the changes in your office, do the changes and corrections at your willing, win the market advantage. Three simple steps to print:

  1. Creating Your Idea – Make your idea as 3D data through 3D software such as Rhino3D, Proe, 3dMax, CAD, UG, Solidwork… or through 3D scanner, output the 3D data as STL format file, Using slicing software to transform the STL file into Gcode file which can be ready by 3D Printer.
  2. Printing your 3D model – lead G code file into the printing driving software, heating the nozzle, start the printing job.
  3. Taking off the support material- take out the finished model, get rid of the extra support material, polish or fine process, now a brilliant 3D model is finished.


  1. D1 – IOT 3D Printers
  2. FDM – 35 – 2525: Industrial Grade 3D Printer
  3. FDM – 46 – 3535: Industrial Grade 3D Printer
  4. FMD – 50 – 5050: Industrial Grade 3D Printer
  5. SCAN – H1: Hand Held Body Scanner
  6. SCAN – 1X: Automatic type 3D human body scanner
  7. F1: Food 3D printer
  8. M1: Biological 3D Printer
  9. FDM – i1s: Desk-top grade 3D Printer
  10. FDM – i2s: Desk-top grade 3D Printer

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