Foresee® Automatic Systems for Doors/Gates

Have you thought of home automation?
Let Foresee do the work for you!
Why do you choose Foresee?

We provide you

  • Excellent quality
  • Strict management
  • Smart Technology
  • Secure rolling code transmitters
  • Automatic force mapping
  • Wireless wall console
  • Maintenance monitor
  • Soft start and stop
  • Automatic obstacle detection
  • Selectable auto re-close
  • Optional photocell protection
  • Fast and simple assembly


Garage Door Opener [F-330], [F-330M], [F-330LM]

Garage Door Opener [F-300B]

Garage Door Opener [F-350], [F-350M], [F-350G], [F-350DM], [F-350DG], [F-350LM], [F-350LG]

  1. Digital display and easy programming
  2. Remote control with rolling code technology
  3. Soft start and stop, powerful, noiseless
  4. Timely resistance detection by computer and precision travel positioning
  5. Clutch with self – lock function
  6. UPS joint can connect reserve power once the power fails
  7. Automatic courtesy light, door unclosed alarm and automatic closing door function
  8. 2000 operation cycles maintain alarm

Garage Door Opener [F-380] [F-390G], [F-380M], [F-380G], [F-390G]

Garage Door Opener [F-380LM/LG], [F-380LM], [F-380LG]

Rolling Door Opener [F-210]

  1. Soft start and stop avoids any impact to the door when opening and closing
  2. Low noise
  3. Selection for installation direction
  4. LED display menu for easy debugging
  5. Anti-theft alarm function
  6. Force adjustable

Industrial Door Opener (F-850E)

  1. Nice appearance,small size,handiness.
  2. Drive by worm and worm gear,powerful starting force.
  3. Low running noise,light vibration.
  4. Thermal protection , safety , reliable.
  5. Manual operation when power failure.
  6. Electronic travel , with frequency conversion system , with soft start 

AC Sliding Gate Opener (F-500B,F-500M,F-500G)


  1. 1.Timely resistance detection , automatic reverse when obstacles are met.
  2. 2.Rolling code technology with 433MHz frequency.
  3. 3.Powerful AC motor with low noise&overheat protection.
  4. 4.Emergency release provides manual operation in case of power failure.
  5. 5.Safety further ensured with optional accessories photocells and flashing lights.
  6. 6.It can realize the function of opening the

Industrial Door Opener (F-850T,F-890T)

  1. Nice appearance, small size, handiness.
  2. Drive by worm and worm gear, powerful starting force.
  3. Low running noise,light
  4. Thermal protection , safety , reliable.
  5. Manual operation when power failure.
  6. Mechanical travel positioning accuracy.

Swing Gate Opener (F-600) Features

  1. New style gearbox , quiet and smooth.
  2. Soft start and stop ensure a long service lift.
  3. The gate leaf reverses or stops when any obstacles are met.
  4. Safety further ensured with photocells and flashing light , emergency release key provides manual operation in case of power failure.
  5. Easy operation for one remote button:OPEN - STOP — CLOSE.
  6. Personal setting of auto closing gate and single gate.
  7. Optional electric lock connector.
  8. Articulated Arm Swing Gate Opener (F-700M)

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